About Us..

The gym has a friendly atmosphere and all are welcome. We have a highly varied membership base including beginners professionals, men and women. We always try to cater to your need as best as we can. At reception you can buy a cold drink, energy snacks or protein bars. We also stock a very wide range of supplements including protein creative, fat burners and lots more..

Our Facilities - Now open 24hrs

Our free weights and training machines are all professional quality and heavy duty. An extensive range of dumbbells offer an unlimited number of potential exercises and you will never have to look far for an adjustable bench either. Our weight machines including stack loaded and plate loaded lever machines are from the UK's leading manufacturer, we are very proud of our equipment and our members all enjoy the benefits of quality machines.

Our Intentions

  • Weight Loss
  • Tone Up
  • Muscle Building
  • Keep Fit

The above are the prevailing reasons presented to us by our members for joining our gym. At SAS Gym our aim is to help each member achive their goals every step of the way.

If you are prepared to put the work into it, we have the expertise, know how, experiance and trainers to help you get to your desired destinations.